Bring to Life – Go Within, Dream, Take Action

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A few months ago I was struggling with not being able to make my own choices. I was leaning in hard to those around me to give me the green-light before continuing and I was making choices that were not aligned with who I was and what I felt my soul’s purpose was.

Agonizing over it, and desperately wanting to reach out to a mentor or friend but unable to find one in that moment, I was reminded of something Elizabeth DiAlto told me when I worked with her a few years back.

She had said “Everything you need is inside of you.” I knew she was right, I had learned to tap into my intuition in the past. On this day however, I was just feeling so lost and overwhelmed.

With no one to turn to I decided to take the dog out for a walk. I walked around to the trees in our yard and I talked to them (I know weird right!) and as I went along from tree to tree asking them what to do I came to the end of the row. I took a deep breath, I still felt lost.

I walked over to my favorite spot in the yard, took off my shoes (even in the cold autumn air) sank my feet into the muddy grass, it was freezing (have I lost you yet? At this point my husband calls me nuts, but it works I swear). I took several deep breaths, I told my body to release what is holding me back. To let it sink into the mud.

After a few minutes I put my shoes back on, I didn’t have the answer, but I felt better, lighter somehow. As I walked around the garden the wind blowing in my face, I asked the wind “what am I supposed to do” and she answered. Clear as day I heard her response. I thanked her many times over and walked back to the house and sat down to something new.

I no longer had this dread, this overwhelming feeling, I had clarity, I had direction. I didn’t know how it was going to unfold quite yet, but it didn’t matter.

And that is the heart and soul of this collection. When you are feeling lost and have nowhere to turn, go within to find the answers.

Introducing the Bring to Life Collection. This collection of bracelets helps you to take a moment to pause and decide what you want and need in any given moment, reflect on the posibilities and choose your dream, and then take action to manifest it into reality.


Be Here

This bracelet is all about the “pause” and going within to find the answers. Made of Hematite which is all about grounding and going within, while Garnet is a stone that does that and also helps you stay present, which is important because focusing on the past causes depression, focusing on the future causes anxiety. “Be Here” is the perfect reminder to live in the moment!


Make it So

The second bracelet in this collection is about calming the mind and manifesting your dreams. made of Amethyst which is great at opening the 3rd eye chakra, aiding in perception, balancing the chakras, and clearing away negative energies that surround you. While Citrine is a stone of manifestation, imagination, and stirring the soul into action. Weaving and transforming dreams and wishes into reality. Great for new beginnings.


I am Enough

My favorite and the one I personally wear every day is this stone bracelet made with Carnelian, a stone of action! I created this bracelet for myself because my intention word of the year is Action and “I am Enough” reminds me that I don’t have to wait, I know all the answers, I am enough right now and can take the action I need!

These bracelets are just the beginning, they are not only beautiful but also serve a purpose to help you grow and deepen connections to your body and the world around you.

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