Amethyst: The Stone of Dreamers

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Category: Ambition, Tranquility

Mantra: I am surrounded by everything that I need

Chakra: Primary 3rd Eye, Secondary Crown

A stone of contentment, of spirituality. It’s vibration cleansing the aura of negative energy and attachments; creating a protective shield of light around the body. Its ability to quiet the mind makes it ideal for meditation and spiritual work. Stimulating the Third Eye Chakra enhancing the minds focus and understanding, boosting intuitive skills. (2)

Amethyst is said to help in diffusing anger, easing anxiety, allowing the wearing to better cope with changes, grief, and loss. Balancing emotions to help the wearer cope with emotional pain, release fear, and allow love, peace and serenity in. (1)

Amethyst has also been said to enhances decision making, focus, and motivation (1). I believe it to be a stone of dreamers, allowing one to see the limitless possibilities of the future, while giving focus and calm to allow ones dream to come true.

For more information on Amethyst, it’s history, myths, and physical healing properties and so much more I encourage you to check out the Crystal Vaults page regarding Amethyst Meaning and Uses. There is a lot of great information available there.

Whether or not you believe in the metaphysical properties of Amethyst you can not deny it’s beauty. Having an Amethyst talisman can be a gentle reminder of the properties of Amethyst and how it these properties can be reflected in your life.

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