What is Reiki

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In a nutshell: Reiki is an alternative healing method of energy healing that works with the body’s charkas and energies.

Reiki is a technique that was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui and is used to aid relaxation, reducing stress, and promote healing. It is a Japanese word which means “spiritually guided life force energy” and is tied to no religion. This life force energy goes exactly where it is needed and does not cause any harm or have any harmful side effects. It is a safe and simple method of spiritual energy healing.

Reiki is a “laying on of hands” but can also be done with hands hovering above the body or from any distance.

Reiki is a simple technique that anyone can use and is taught though classes and passed on from teacher to student through an attunement ceremony. This attunement process opens up the energy channels in the practitioner to enable them allow the Universal Life Force Energy to flow though them.

There are two types of sessions Distance and In Person. In Distance Reiki the practitioner connects to the clients energy and uses symbols and intention along with a surrogate to preform the Reiki session. In Person Sessions are done through a “laying on of hands” or hovering the hands a few inches above the body.

The practitioner is able to channel the life force energy to balance out the energy in the recipient. Since Reiki can only balance out the energy it does not drain the client or practitioner. Leaving both feeling energetic and refreshed and not drained after a session.

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How prepare for a Reiki Session

It is recommended that you drink cold water before and after the session to ensure hydration and promote healing.

I recommend you give yourself 15-30 minutes before the session to check in with your body and take note of have your body is feeling. Taking some time to get grounded, meditate, and breathe deep and reflect on how you are feeling and what intentions you would like to set for the session.

During the session

Find a quiet comfortable place to relax during your distance Reiki session.

You will want to find a comfortable place, laying down or sitting is recommended. It is not uncommon to fall asleep during a session, if you do no worries Reiki will still work.

You may or may not feel sensations during the treatment. Some report visions and seeing colors, but some also report experiencing nothing during the session. Either is fine, when working with the Universal Life Force Energy it is all about your intention and being open to receive.

During a distance Reiki Session you may want to have some gentle music ready – YouTube Reiki Music or Meditation Music works nicely.

What to expect after a Reiki Session

Again I recommend taking 15-30 minutes to yourself. You can use this time to do what feels best for you but some examples are to nap, mediate, go for a walk out in nature, and/or reflect on the experience and journal what came up for you.

If you have any immediate concerns or questions after a session do not hesitate to contact me. Reiki is gentle but as energy blockages are cleared and balanced you may experience a shift in emotions or physical sensations, it is not uncommon. However, I have a Masters in Psychology and have studied the emotional body extensively I may be able to help you in processing any difficult emotions and feelings that arise in a safe and effective manner.

Scheduling a session

To schedule a session, click here or on the Schedule a Session button on any web page. At this time my sessions are only available in Distance Reiki. Once you have scheduled you will receive an email for payment, Sessions MUST BE PAID IN FULL ahead of time or at the beginning of the session. Sessions tend to run about 60min in total.

At the time of the session I prefer to do a video call through Zoom to discuss any questions, concerns, and intentions you have for the session. At that time we will disconnect and I will perform the Distance Reiki, once I am complete I will follow up with a text message to let you know and ask about scheduling your next session. There is no set time as to how often you need Reiki it is all intuitive so if you are not ready to schedule your next session at that time, then just let me know. You know your body best!

If you have further questions or concerns after the session you can text me back we can jump onto another zoom call if needed.